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Lucy Collins

Studying can be a very egregious and boring task that a college student has to endure during a semester. Although, there is a better way to make the studying experience more enjoyable; listening to certain music that encourages the student to continue with studying and to block out distractions! Spotify is a great tool to use in order to find specific study playlists, genres of music, or artists, that can help aid the studying process. This article will list out certain playlists, found on Spotify, that may pertain to a variety of individuals musical interest and are easy to listen to while studying. 

Modern Psychedelia: Created by Spotify

This playlist holds various artists of the modern psychedelic genre, from King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard to Mac DeMarco. Most songs are upbeat, with great instrumentation and flow of music. This playlist is extremely calming and is useful as a tool to block out distractions during studying. 

Lofi Fruits Music: Lofi Hip Hop & Chill Music: Created by Strange Fruits: 

This playlist is perfect to study to. It incorporates a variety of mellow beats, lofi remixes of well-known songs, instrumental beats, and relaxing jazz. This playlist is great to listen to for individuals who enjoy studying to a more electronic beat based version of music while studying. 

Golden Hour playlist: Created by Spotify: 

This playlist includes music from the indie genre. The songs on this playlist range from relaxing lyrics and beats, to more upbeat indie songs. This variety of songs on this playlist are incredibly mind stimulating and produce an overall good feeling in the body while listening. 

Classical Music For Studying: by Maestro Music:

This playlist includes classical music, which is known to aid studying and increase focus. The use of classical instrumental music is very useful while studying, reasons being that there are no vocals, so an individual may not get lost in the lyrics of the song. This playlist may be more effective for individuals who enjoy listening to music that may not be familiar to them, in order to combat being distracted and to focus further on studying. 

Classic Acoustic: By Spotify: 

This playlist includes classic acoustic songs from artists like Joni Mitchell to George Harrison. The use of acoustic guitar throughout a majority of these songs produces a calming sensation while listening. This playlist may also be effective for taking breaks during studying, since some songs included are well-known like, Take it Easy, by the Eagles, Gold Dust Woman, by Fleetwood Mac, and Blackbird, by the Beatles. 

All of these playlists listed above can be used to help aid the studying process. Each playlist includes songs that are very stimulating for the mind, ranging from classical music, to instrumental beats, to genres like classic rock, indie, and modern psychedelia. Hopefully these playlists will help during studying or may lead students to finding other music that is engaging during the studying process!