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Fall Bucket List


Mia Shelton


Fall is upon us!  The leaves will soon turn crisp like the air.  Our windows will be painted with beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow soon.  Our Earth is changing into a beautiful state that we are ready for. Hot chocolate and bonfires, friends and memories.  Fall brings so much to the table, and we are all excited to see the shade of beauty the Earth becomes this time of year.  

This year, lets soak up the scenery of fall and be present with nature.  Make memories that waft into your brain with the piercing breeze.  

Thankfully, in Roanoke, there are a number of hiking trails available to us.  For the ones who love to let nature cascade them through the trees, gather some friends and grab your boots.  Hike to the peak of each trail and have a picnic.  Plan a picnic and enjoy the company of friends and good food.  Breathe the fresh autumn air and snap some pictures along the way.

What’s fall without pumpkin patches?  Find a local pumpkin patch and take some friends with you.  Get some goofy stencils, and carve away. Make silly pumpkins that you can leave around town, campus, or your dorm room. You could even have a pumpkin carving contest.  

Enjoy the sweet crunch of a fresh apple from an orchard and take some loved ones to pick apples. Gather in the car and play your favorite fall tunes. Enjoy the ride to the mountains to get some golden delicious apples and some warm cider to wash it down. A personal favorite of mine is Carter’s Mountain. 

Last but not least, get your spooky on, and search for the best haunted hay rides in the area! The Dark Woods, and Terror Manor are great places to start. Walk through the haunted woods and houses, but make sure you have someone’s hand to hold. 

Enjoy all that comes with fall, and remember to treat yourself, others, and Earth with extra kindness this fall season.  Take the time to have fun with friends, and enjoy all that Autumn has to offer.