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Con Te Partiò


Written by Zach “Wow I Can’t Believe I Did This Bit for a Whole Year” Dalton

The title is Italian for “With You, I Shall Leave.” It is featured in a 1994 song entitled “Time to Say Goodbye,” featuring Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. This means, dear Brackety-Ack readers, it is time to say goodbye…to me. 

I just want to say that it’s not you, it’s me. I just think while I have enjoyed our time together and will always cherish our memories, our time together must come to an end. I know what you’re thinking… “wow this dude is dramatic,” which is not false, but I am also sentimental. I truly want to say how much of a pleasure it has been to write for the Opinion page and to be able to share my thoughts on such hard-hitting issues like holiday rebranding, album reviews, and the occasional satirical news piece. Before we truly part I want to offer one final opinion to you all: my thoughts on Roanoke College.

I applied to Roanoke back in 2015 when I was graduating from high school. I was accepted and unfortunately could not attend due to financial reasons. Two years later I reapplied and got accepted as a member of the 2021 class. When I came into Roanoke, I had no plans to be involved with anything other than track, radio, and classes…for those of you that know me we all know how that turned out. Roanoke College is, in the simplest way, one of the best decisions I ever made. Sure, I have thoughts on some things and I may not have enjoyed every moment, but that happens with anything. I learned how to be an actor here, how to efficiently run a radio show, I found ways to expand my writing, I found love, and friends who have become my family. Roanoke also offers an insane amount of support in the shape of its faculty. There are countless people who have shaped who I am (shoutout Joe Boucher and Dani Moore) and will continue to be a guide for me even after I leave. 

Roanoke also gave me so many stories and memories that I cannot wait to share with anyone and everyone. Four years ago, I came into this school as a young (but old for my class) guy with a Yondu-looking haircut hoping to find my purpose in life and I am leaving as a still-old for my class guy with overgrown hair knowing a little better what my purpose will be. For that, I simply have to say: Thank you Roanoke College.