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The Eagle is Taking Off For the Last Time


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

To my Roanoke College family:

I have thought about this moment- the one where I officially sign off from The Brackety-Ack and leave the paper in the trusty hands of my successors. I remember when the previous Editor-in-Chief and editors wrote their final articles and I thought to myself “wow, what am I going to write about?” At the time I felt like there was so much pressure. Recently, the thought has crossed my mind more and more, and here we are, four hours past when articles are due which means I have to just go for it. 

Despite me being a super involved senior in my high school, when I arrived on campus in the fall of 2017, I was a shy gal. I didn’t know what clubs or organizations to join and had a difficult time finding my place during the first semester (minus my Bestie K who has been by my side from the first day of orientation up until we sit beside each other at graduation, and of course beyond then too). My second semester here, I got involved with The Brackety-Ack and soon following that, I co-produced a blind dating show and became a peer mentor. Each semester I seemed to tack on new things that brought me new friends and cherished experiences which made Roanoke College feel like my second home.

The Communication Studies faculty welcomed me with open arms and Miller Hall provided a safe haven for me. The Brackety-Ack advisors, Dr. Carter and Jenny Boone, have provided constant support and an always available listening ear. The Colket Center staff, Joe, Dani, and Diane, have encouraged me and believed in me for several years now. I have had the opportunity to learn from staff members like Kim Blair, Jeremy Ruch, Kelly Dalaski, and so many others. I felt cared for right from the get-go by Smith Hall’s wonderful housekeeper, Diane Johns. President Maxey made me feel like a valued member of campus by always stopping to say hi. With all of these friendly and supportive faces, it’s easy to see why Roanoke College felt like a second home.  

But, it doesn’t end there. My friends, a few of which I’ve had since my first few months on campus but most of which have joined my circle in the last half of my college career, you have also played a big part in making this my second home and will be some of the hardest “see you laters” I will make here in a week (ahh!). A big thank you for listening to me talk your ear off, picking up issues of The Brackety-Ack, and making every day here at college a great day full of laughs and memories.  

I hope I have well depicted that Roanoke College has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people which has led to a scrapbook’s worth of memories. My four years here became so much more than I could have ever hoped or asked for. My advice (simply put) is to be open-minded to opportunities and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and/or try something new, and absolutely never turn down Commons’ bread board!

Thank you, Roanoke College and all the people who have made this place feel like a second home. I am forever grateful for the people I have met, experiences I’ve had, and memories created here in Salem, Va. 

To my family, thank you for your endless support and for reading The Brackety-Ack. To the staff of The Brackety-Ack, I can’t wait to be the paper’s biggest fan and to see what’s in store for the future. To everyone else who has made these four years unforgettable, THANK YOU! 

And now, the eagle is taking off for the last time.

Your friend, classmate, co-worker, and former Editor-in-Chief,