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Gen Z: What the Hell are You Saying?


Written by Zach “Is ‘Yeet’ Still Cool?” Dalton

 Every generation has some sort of hip lingo that they often time use at nauseum. For our parents it was stuff like, “tubular” or “bodacious.” For Millennials it was mostly just vine quotes. For the Silent Generation it was “            .” Every generation’s lingo seemed to fit and remains self-explanatory…and then there is you…Generation Z, the Tik Tok fiends. I like to count myself decently hip on the happenings, so for those who are not as privy to what these new linguistic references are I have created this guide to help.

Sheeeeeshh: This is a sort of mating call for Gen Z. This call acts as a way for the lonesome Gen Z-members to find other Gen Z-ers who too are looking for a pack.

Ice in My Veins: This phrase refers to the abnormal constant cold feeling Gen Z feels in their body, perhaps this comes from a disconnect from the world and more attachment to their phones causing them to slowly become machines.

Fax, No Printer: Obviously Gen Z is trying to bring back the underused fax machine.

Sip Tea: Strong references to loyalty to Britain…these are Loyalist Sleeper Agents.

Lewk: This is just a funny way of spelling “Luke.”

E-boy(or girl): This is a description of a person who has gone full electronic, meaning they no longer possess human anatomy and run on battery power.

Da Baby: Head Leader of Gen Z who puts subliminal messages in his songs to keep control of Gen Z.

Sus: red is always this.

So, there you go, a quick breakdown of what Gen Z is saying with a few of these phrases. For more information buy my book: Da Gen Z Code: Breaking Down What the Kids These Days Have to Say