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22 Things… Ways to Boost Self-Confidence


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

I am now a somewhat-freshly-22-year-old, and unless something crazy happens (which at this point it would have to be really crazy), this is my last semester writing for the Brackety-Ack. 🙁 With that, I decided it would be fun for my final column to be “22 Things…” where I can sometimes share advice, list my favorites, or give some insight. 


With “hot girl summer” approaching, here are 22 ways to boost self-confidence because every body is a beach body! 


  1. Regularly write down affirmations. This could be once a day or once a week, but write them down, and repeat them to yourself when you need to hear them. 
  2. While you are brushing your teeth, give yourself one compliment. 
  3. Unfollow accounts on social media that make you feel body-conscious or less confident. 
  4. Replace those accounts with body positivity accounts. 
  5. Eat what makes you feel good…
  6. …and to workouts that YOU enjoy. 
  7. Remember that every body is different. 130 pounds looks different on a 5’0 gal than it does on a 5’8 gal and walking at a 4.0 speed is different for a 5’0 gal compared to a 5’8 gal. 
  8. Try not to step on a scale and instead assess how YOU are feeling. 
  9. Make goals, and then set smaller goals that lead to the big goal. 
  10. Surround yourself with people who bring you up as opposed to bringing you down. 
  11. Additionally, surround yourself with people who not only speak positively about you, but also about themselves and others. 
  12. Smile at others and say hi. 
  13. Write down one good thing you did each day. 
  14. Watch your posture- stand tall.
  15. Listen to your body- when it’s telling you you’re hungry or thirsty or that you’re pushing yourself too hard.
  16. Do not rely on social media for validation. 
  17. When shopping for clothes, make sure they fit you the way you want them to. Remember, things your 5’1 bestie can wear may not be things your 5’8 frame feels confident in, and that’s okay. 
  18. Celebrate the small accomplishments. 
  19. Take time for yourself to do things you enjoy doing. 
  20. Meditate or do something to create a positive mindset. 
  21. Take a selfie of yourself when you feel good (you don’t have to post it, just for memories). 
  22. Get ready every morning.