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Best No-Skip Albums


Written by Marisa Seager

It’s a great feeling when you put on an album that only has bangers. Here’s a list that I’ve compiled of some of my favorite albums that can be played through without feeling the need to skip any songs:

Tickets to My Downfall – Machine Gun Kelly (2020)

While Machine Gun Kelly has always had a place in the punk rock scene, he absolutely killed it with this one, despite being completely unlike his usual sound. This guitar-driven pop punk album is bound to get anyone who can appreciate this genre pumped up and singing right along.


I think you think too much of me – EDEN (2016)

Although Google classifies EDEN as indie/alternative, I don’t think I could put him into any genre. The sound of his music is unique and unlike anyone I’ve heard.


Peripheral Vision – Turnover (2015)

This album and band in general are one of my favorites of all time. If you are a part of the pop punk scene you may know of them already but if not, they are a great feel-good and well rounded group. I feel this band pairs best when driving or out and about in nature.


Free Spirit – Khalid (2019)

I can still remember the time that this album came out and every time I listen to it again, it feels just like summer. It’s one of those albums that you can blare with the windows down or listen to at the beach with some of your friends.


Currents – Tame Impala (2015)

I’m sure that by now almost every one of you have heard the hit song, “The Less I Know The Better.” However, I’m sure many of you haven’t taken the time to really dive into the rest of their music. This psychedelic music project is a great gateway into the alternative/indie scene.


Feel Something – Movements (2017)

Another one for the readers in the pop punk scene. A perfect balance of emotion and melody.


Wiped Out! – The Neighborhood (2015)

Of all the albums by them, this one still stands out to me the most. Even if you aren’t necessarily into the alternative/indie scene, you are bound to find joy in their catchy raw songs.


BALLADS 1 – Joji (2019)

Sorry, but I don’t think Joji is capable of putting out a bad song or album.


Fine Line – Harry Styles (2019)

Calling all directioners out on this one, even the ones in secret! There aren’t very many albums that I can listen to from front to back, but this is one of the few I constantly come back to.


Nothing Happens – Wallows (2019)

Especially after seeing this album performed live, I can’t help but to sing and jump around when these songs come on.