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Getting Excited for Summer with a Summer Bucket List


Written by Mia Shelton

ello all beauties! Warmer weather is creeping its way to us, and I know we are all anxious to lay out in the hot summer sun. Summer is getting closer you can smell it in the air and see the way the dandelions interact with the wind. The butterflies flutter by and remind you of better days you can’t wait to relive this summer. While the need for summertime is so close you can taste its sweet nectar, here are some things you can plan to do- making your summer one to remember.

The best way to remember summer is by taking pictures or videos. Polaroid cameras are a convenient memory maker you and your friends can share. Scrapbooking them so the group can look back and remember the good times, excited for the new ones to come.

Try something new! This is the age of experimenting and being open to new things. Try a food you never thought you would like, try new clothes you never thought you could pull off, try listening to different music. You could be very surprised for what it could lead to. Maybe you will meet some friends along the way!

Take spontaneous trips with your friends! Go places you have always wanted to explore or go to places you have been. Discover something new. Find yourself in each place you go to. The best memories are ones that are never planned. Dedicating time with your friends after this long semester can be a great destresser. You will learn to be grateful for the earth and people around you.

Take any free time you have to get closer to loved ones. Really listen to their stories and learn how to grow with them. Whether its your mom, grandma, father, sister, or best friend listen to their stories and learn who they are. Take them to picnics and tell each other “naked truths” (truths that are so real to who you are, they make you feel vulnerable.)

Best of luck to everyone this summer! Make the best of this time and remember to be safe and smart! You are all loved and appreciated! Celebrate all the hard work you have accomplished, and all that is to come! Don’t forget, make a friend along the way!