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End of Year Olin Exhibit Showcases Students’ Premier Artwork


Written by Jack Miller

Starting earlier this month, on Monday, May 3, the college has opened their final art installation of the year. This installation, called Studio Art 2021, focuses on Roanoke College art majors and minors and the subsequent work they have created over this year. The types of work shown in this display cover a wide variety of mediums containing sculpture, ceramics, painting, and photography. The work features art from four upper-class students who participate in the program; Samantha Meyer (junior), Carly Shepacarter (senior), Shakil Persad (senior), and Yvonne Gravely (senior).

Carly Shepcarter explained that a piece of her art on display currently was created for her Honors Program research project. This specific piece entitled, “Duel Reality”, was based off of research conducted in conjunction with the creation of the art. Within it, Carly says she was able to try out many new techniques and expand her view of how art is truly created. A majority of the artwork, similar to those on display by Carly, have been donated by the artist to HopeTree Family Services in Salem.

The studio art display was only open last week between 1 to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Hopefully everyone got a chance to go out and see the wonderful and personal artworks created by Roanoke’s own!