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Jake Paul: The Little Boxer that Could


Written by Zach “Chamberlain is Wrong” Dalton

 On Saturday, April 17 a circus of a boxing match happened between the notorious Jake Paul and not very well-known Ben Askren. I refer to it as a circus because at the end of the day the highlights of the match were all related to the entertainment which included Justin Bieber, Diplo, Black Lazer, Doja Cat, and the Black Keys. It also introduced a new rap group made up of E-40, Too Short, Ice Cube, and Snoop Dog (or Snoop Lion or just Snoop) known at Mt. Westmore.

The main reason the boxing match was more of a joke than an actual match comes from its main clown- Jake Paul. This dude sucks. I do not have to go into a crazy amount of detail why Jake and his brother Logan are not admirable people, but if you aren’t caught up, a quick Google search will help. Essentially, Jake Paul got hate on YouTube and decided the best way to showcase his fragile masculinity was through the classic sport of boxing.

He’s a joke of a boxer. His fights have only ever been against people with little to no name recognition. Paul’s most notable fight was against former NBA player Nate Robinson. After that, his matchups have been with a slew of low-key celebrities and fighters alike. He has tried to fight big names, but none have come to fruition. This is probably because most people know exactly what he is doing- running his mouth.

Leading up to the fight, Paul continued to run his mouth in press conferences. He and his whole team had things to say. I am not knocking his confidence, but I am knocking the lack of respect he showed toward Ben Askren and his team leading up to the fight. On Fight Night the behind-the-scenes footage showed the stark difference between the young boxer and retired MMA fighter. In Paul’s locker room there were people everywhere and he bounced around and touted about being the best there is in upcoming boxers. He let his wins against low-time fighters go to his head.

If his gross display of overconfidence and lack of humble nature isn’t enough, Jake Paul has recently come under allegations from content-creator Justine Paradise. The most the fighter has addressed it was in a lengthy social media post denying it all. Even when it was brought up in the pre-fight interview with Pete Davidson he just responded saying, “bro, you can’t joke around about that,” when it was very clear Davidson was not joking around. Jake Paul and his entourage did what anyone who definitely is not guilty would do…they deflected and avoided the question.

Overall, Jake Paul can best be described way Pete Davidson put it: “even if Jake Paul is a decent fighter, he’s still a shitbag of a human being.” Stop giving him the attention he craves.