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Tips We All Need To Hear


Written by Mia Shelton

As we are reaching the end of this everlasting semester, there are some things we all might need to hear to get through the year. First, let’s start off with this. You have made it so far! Everyone is so proud of the work you have completed! Go celebrate yourself, get a milkshake!  Don’t dwell on the small things that might have set you back! Take them in your stride and see how you can use them to improve. A mistake is simply an opportunity to grow.  

How to finish the year strong:

It is so easy to feel unmotivated to complete schoolwork. We all know the feeling. Something that always helps is making a list at the beginning of every week. Writing out all the assignments that are due that week can help you plan for what is to come. This will prevent procrastination and surprise deadlines. On Sunday evenings, write out all assignments and see what you can get started on. This helps clear up some time in your schedule for things you would like to do. The only thing stopping you, is yourself.  Start on the smallest things and work your way up. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, so take a breath every now and then. Breaks are important to keep your mind at ease.   

Staying safe during the rise of COVID-19 cases:

While the spike in cases is upsetting, don’t forget to do your part in keeping cases low. Wash your hands frequently, wear your masks whenever leaving your dorm, stay at a proper 6 feet distance from others, and lastly, stay in small groups. If you want to hang with some friends, make sure you do so safely. Everyone will be able to enjoy the party scene when it is safe to do so, but doing so now takes that opportunity away from others. You can still have fun but be smart while doing so!

Saving money:

I will be the first to admit, shopping is so much fun! Buying new clothes and fun decorations can really act as a destresser. As we are reaching the end of the semester, try and keep a safety fund in case of emergencies. Set up a budget and think of alternatives to save money. Eating on campus can save a lot of dough. Treat yourself when needed but think of how nice it will be to have money when you need it.