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Written by Mateo Biggs

​As one of the most prominent Latina singers and actresses today, Jennifer Lopez is typically what everyone either wants or wants to be. Fifty-one years old and still looking 20, with a net worth of 400 million dollars, there is no doubt that the Puerto Rican is successful. With her being the star of multiple movies, such as 2001’s “The Wedding Planner,” 2019’s “Hustlers,” and 2002’s “Maid in Manhattan,” as well as the speaker of multiple makeup brands, many wouldn’t understand exactly why or how the renowned “Jenny from the block” could have any kind of trouble in her life.

However, as is known, Lopez has gone through multiple divorces in her life. Her first husband was actor Ojani Noa, best known for his role in “Vendetta: No Conscience, No Mercy” (2004). The duo was married in 1997, only to divorce and split off just a year later. 

After Mr. Noa, Lopez remained unmarried up until 2001, when she became the wife of Cris Judd, who is not very well known beyond his marriage to Ms. Jennifer Lopez. If the name stuck out to anyone, Judd is also an actor and choreographer — but once more, not much is known of his work. However, despite marrying in 2001, Cris and JLo split up in 2003, meaning their marriage only managed to last a year longer than Lopez’s marriage with Ojani.

Lopez’s longest marriage was with famous Latin singer Marc Anthony, who is known for such influential albums as “Amar Sin Mentiras” and “3.0.” The singers got married in 2004, a year after Lopez divorced from Judd. Their marriage definitely lasted the longest, as they stayed together until 2014. Then the couple divorced, despite having children — twins Emme Maribel Muñiz and Maximilian David Muñiz — who are 13 years old as of this article.

The latest development in JLo’s love life came on April 15, when Lopez and her fiancé of two years announced their decision to split before even getting married. Former Yankees player Alex Rodriguez and Lopez decided to call off their engagement due to both having to “work through some things.” It has not been specified if they are truly split for good, but many people had been looking forward to their wedding, which had already been postponed due to outside forces. 

As both Lopez and Rodriguez are single parents — Rodriguez has his two daughters Natasha (16) and Ella (13)—it is fair that they had to think of what is best for their families. What this means next in Lopez’s love life is still unknown, but many are looking forward to the future of the famous Latina.