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RC’s Fifth Annual Basically Tarantino Film Fest


Written by Jasey Roberts

Every year, Roanoke College’s English/Comm Department and Student Activities puts on a film contest called “Basically Tarantino,” where developing filmmakers can compete for a multitude of cash prizes, including but not limited to: Judge’s Choice for Best Dramatic and Comedic Picture, Audience Choice for Best Picture, Best Screenplay and Best Director. 

The competition has been around for over five years now, starting with a few enterprising students who wanted to produce films and only growing in participation over the years.

Each year comes with a new set of guidelines—this year, every film must include a face shield, an avocado and the line “You had my curiosity, now you have my attention.” The word “mask” must also make an appearance somewhere in the film. 

All entries must be 5-12 minutes in length, and the deadline to sign up at the info desk is April 15. All films will be due May 3. A premiere for judging will take place three days later on May 6, either in the Colket Ballroom or virtually. 

Shortly afterwards—the week of May 10–there will be a second and final screening and award ceremony for all of the films at the Grandin Theatre. However, attendance might be limited due to the Grandin’s COVID-19 policies. 

Those who are interested in the contest should contact Joe Boucher at boucher@roanoke.edu for more info.