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April Fools!


Written by Mia Shelton

Hello all you silly geese! Who is ready for April Fool’s Day!?! Your excitement is leaping through the paper! April Fool’s Day is a great holiday dedicated to the best pranksters of the group. If you are feeling stuck and not sure what knifing prank to pull this year, here are a few good ones compiled for your use.

Number one, this one is tedious. Glue googly eyes to someone’s belongings! When they
wake up they will be alarmed to see all their things looking back at them! Give some of them names and personalities!

Number two, if your friend or roommate is scared of bugs, this one could be perfect for you! Buy some rubber bugs to hide around the room. Place them in their beds, under pillows, in the microwave, in the fridge, anywhere you can think! Watch them scream and squirm as they find them around their room.

Number three- for anyone with a TV remote. Get ahold of some black tape that matches your tv remote. Cut out a small size to cover the tv sensor at the top of the remote. Watch your friends scramble as they try to turn on the TV and change the batteries to see their remote not function.

Number four is for the really devoted pranksters. Obtain a lot of plastic cups. Once your
roommate goes to sleep, start filling cups with water. Then place them to cover the surface area of the room. Watch them try to find a way around the cups. Make sure to have some towels ready!

Enjoy the spring season as it creeps up on us! Hug a tree and smell some flowers! I hope
everyone has a safe April Fool’s Day, and a lovely spring season. Don’t forget to make a friend along the way and treat people with kindness! Until next issue, my beauties!