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Alumni Panel Discusses Careers in Law Enforcement


Written by Devon Mitchell

On Tuesday, March 23, seven alumni from Roanoke College’s Public Affairs Department spoke to students about their careers in law enforcement and federal service. Panelists’ present-day jobs included working for the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, ATF, Secret Service, and Federal Probation. 

Dr. Todd Peppers moderated the discussion, introducing Ashley Crouch (Class of 2016), Adam Daniels (Class of 2008), Megan Drohan (Class of 2010 and 2011), Kris McCormick (Class of 2010), Trevor McDonough (Class of 2004), Ginny Richardson (Class of 2007), and Jaclyn Stanberry (Class of 2007). The alumni graduated with degrees varying from Criminal Justice and International Relations to Psychology and Sociology. They gave insight into their college careers and how they got to where they are today.  

Nearly all panelists mentioned the Lutheran College Washington Semester, the semester-long program where students can live, work and learn in Washington D.C., and how beneficial it was to their time at RC. A common piece of advice from the alumni was getting connections and internships to begin building a competitive resume. They encouraged students to use the resources and professors at Roanoke.  

Besides advising students, the Roanoke alumni spoke about what they have been up to since leaving the beloved West Hall, where the Public Affairs Department is located. The panelists were more than impressive. Jaclynn Stanberry, an International Relations major and Foreign Policy minor, spoke of how she worked with foreign diplomats and met Prime Ministers and Vice Presidents. Trevor McDonough, a Criminal Justice major, touched on his time with the Secret Service, and how he got in with the presidential transportation department protecting Melania and Baron Trump.  

Each of the alumni had impressive stories and great advice for any Maroon looking to go into law enforcement or federal service. When looking back at their time with Roanoke College, they were sentimental and grateful for the opportunities they received. Many of them praised and teased Dr. Peppers as they fondly remembered their time in his classes. The consensus among the panelists was conclusive; being a Maroon gave them the vital resources to move forward in their professional careers.