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Ephemeral Tranquility Debuts in RC’s Olin Gallery


Written by Jack Miller

Beginning February 15, Olin Hall has unveiled a new collection of work by various artists, including Kyra Hinton, Kate Shortridge, Amy Herzel, Duane Cregger, and Yassi Mazandi. The exhibition is called Ephemeral Tranquility and focuses on Buddhist ideals of enveloping peace and harmony. The curators hope that by looking at these pieces, the viewer will turn introspectively and reflect on their own individual experience and overall position within this interconnected reality. 

The artists understands both the grief and anxiety we all as a collective have experienced over the last year. They seeks to, in the midst of the pandemic with powerful forces of uncertainty and fear around, establish a position of stillness and tranquility that they hope the viewer can find refuge within. Ephemeral Tranquility works as a vehicle for the viewer to become immersed and as a result gain a moment of relief from the almost constant weight of their current situation.

The pieces all use a multitude of colors, primarily pink and grey colors, seeking to capture a tranquil sense of both security and beauty. Olin Hall currently holds 13 pieces designed for this exhibition including the piece because you never truly left the womb of the universe, by New York born artist, Amy Herzel. This piece shows swirling clouds mixed with looping geometric designs that promote a mindset of peace and serenity (and offer a sweet photo spot).

Ephemeral Tranquility will be on display in Olin Gallery, which is currently opened Monday – Friday from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.