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Bye-Bye Blues


Written by Zuba Mutesi

Zoom university is a reality that many of us have come to accept because realistically, we have no clue on when life could go back to any form of normalcy. When this online learning and virtual world started, I was always trying to stay optimistic about the new methods being adopted and essentially breed a better perspective on it all. I waited and waited and waited, but it never really became one of those concepts that I am too fond of. If you, like me, are a person who finds it hard to learn in such environments, then you know that the semester blues can get to you much quicker than your average student. The beginning of the semester starts of lighthearted and the stress usually increases from there. However, these days it seems easier to catch the semester blues earlier, since we are not just dealing with academics but a more virtual world all together.

But I am not here to keep being pessimistic about it or keep listing off the difficulties and agonies of this virtual world we now live in. As I keep thinking about the semester and how it is bound to get more stressful down the line, I chose to start finding ways of alleviating this pessimism into some more positive energy. If you are trying to conquer those semester blues like me, first I want to remind you to breathe. Literally take a guilt-free moment to step back when you feel like you are on the brink of madness. Allow your mind to have a break from taking in so much and give yourself a chance to breathe mentally, physically and sometimes emotionally. Secondly, communicate your stress when it is getting too high. Although many are reluctant to be vulnerable with professors, this helps A LOT. Professors are in this pandemic and semester with us, communicate how you are feeling in times of being overwhelmed. Third and most important, remember that you have the power over your mind and how it drives you. Work and think positively.