Home Opinion A Business Major’s Take on the 2020 Election

A Business Major’s Take on the 2020 Election


Written by Chamberlain Zulauf

Disclaimer: this is not a biased article and I’m not going to say anything specific about either candidate! I feel obligated to start with that because at this point minds have been made up and I’m not going to subjugate BA readers to yet another opinion about Biden/Trump. This article is just a business major making connections to the election. I won’t impose my opinions on who should have won, but I will comment on the grander flaws in our electoral system.

The first business term I thought of when comparing my major to the election is ‘brand recognition’. I could write an essay in MLA or APA format about how the two-party system is flawed and contributes to a lot of modern societal problems, but I’ll spare you. There is a large divide between the Democratic and Republican voters with a high level of brand (or candidate) recognition on both sides. This leads to something similar to a split target market. Both candidates want every American vote, but because there is a lack of consumer choice paired with a toxic amount of party loyalty, there seems to be more tension with this election than the last election.

Another business term I think applies well to this election is the idea of risk. It’s incredibly concerning that there is a palpable amount of risk that will result from either outcome in this election. The risk in this election is the anticipated rioting and unrest that will occur no matter who wins. Businesses shouldn’t have to board their windows and citizens shouldn’t be afraid to go outside the week after election night. 

My final message would be to keep risk management in mind. I implore readers to act responsibly this coming week and to take steps to maintain mental health… Hey! Kind of like corporate responsibility and sustainability!