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Another Modest Proposal for the Holiday Season


Written by Zach “Buckle-up Macy’s” Dalton

Well, here we are. November Whatever-Date-You’re-Reading-This. Halloween has come and passed, as Green Day said, “the innocent can never last,” which means it’s time to wake Mariah Carey up. Now before you yell at me for suggesting playing Christmas music early, keep this in mind; I am simply words on paper and cannot properly defend myself in a debate. Or can I?

I wrote an article earlier this semester pointing out how Halloween decorations were put out way earlier compared to last year and the same has happened with holiday decorations. This, however, is nothing new for the holiday season. I have noticed that more people have begun getting into the holiday mood while others drag their feet. What’s weighing them down, you may ask? Thanksgiving.

Thus, my proposal: Absorb Thanksgiving into the holiday season. I know, I know, it’s a wild idea but it could be very beneficial. In the traditional sense, Thanksgiving is when your family gathers and gives thanks…something that can be done any day. Sure, the food is something you don’t have every day, but in my experience, most Thanksgiving dishes are reused for holiday dinners with family. If Thanksgiving is absorbed into the holiday season the dishes will not have to be reused and won’t lose their uniqueness.

Absorbing Thanksgiving into the holiday season will also provide a huge relief for those decorating for each holiday. Needless to say, there is already a quick turnover from Halloween to Thanksgiving which only exists for 26 days. Then the decorations come down, and the holiday season ones go up. Once Thanksgiving becomes part of the season, those decorating only have to put up holiday ones which can include turkeys.

The final benefit to Thanksgiving being absorbed means more time for holiday shopping. We all know the holiday season has become more commercialized as the year’s progress (looking at you, Black Friday). With Thanksgiving gone, sales could expand and holiday shopping can feel less stressful overall. In conclusion, bye-bye Thanksgiving, hello holiday season.