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It’s Scarier Than You Think


Written by Vanessa Mutesi

Spooky times are ahead of us but even spookier times are happening on the continent of Africa. As person from the younger generation, I know how powerful social media is. We have all seen all sorts of scandals that blow up in the public eye and are taken to the courts of public opinion. This time around, it is not a matter of public opinion but rather a matter of using social media to shake things up and shake it all up for change.

If you have seen the hashtags of #EndSARS, #ShutItAllDown then you know that there is a lot going on, on the African continent. From the police brutality crisis in Nigeria where a government is literally killing its people, to the rape outbreak in countries such as South Africa and Namibia; it is safe to say that Africa is bleeding. Different African countries are at the hand of poor leadership and it is up to the citizens of the countries and their allies to make a difference.

As a person who uses social media often, both on a personal and professional level, I know the difference it can make in amplifying a cause. From creating threads and trends to simply retweeting hashtags, can make a difference. As the crisis in Nigeria has erupted I have found social media to be my way of being an ally. While I cannot physically be there to protest and stand by my fellow brother and sisters, I know that I can ensure that their voice is heard on my platform.

So to you reading this; what are you doing with your platform to fight the good fight?