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Written by Mia Shelton

Hello to all my Witches and Frankenstein! Are you sitting bored in your dorm room with your friends? Have you watched all the good Halloween movies available on Netflix, leaving you itching for something fun to do? Well don’t you worry- here is the perfect Halloween craft to keep you and the tribe entertained. We are crafting up a paper pumpkin!

Here are all the ingredients in order to cast your pumpkin spell (all of which can be found in your dorm room): Scissors, paper, pen, hair ties/ string, and a ruler.

First ingredient: paper and ruler. Measure out strips of paper to be the same length, perhaps 12 inches. Cut ten of these strips, more or less is fine. The amount and length of strips are up to your personal preference! This will determine the height, and girth of your paper pumpkin.

Second ingredient: scissors. Use your trimmers to carve your strips as evenly as possible.

Third ingredient: your pen. Use your wand to engrave something spooky into your strips. This part is the best, you have full creative range on what you can do! Use all the colors of the night and draw something super scary!

Fourth Ingredient: hair ties/ string. Use two old hair ties cut in half or you can also use one long piece of string. Then mend the two together; creating a long venomous snake. Take your scissors again and puncture holes at the top and bottom of your strips. Use this venomous snake to feed the strips through the top and bottom. You will start to see your pumpkin arch outwards. Once you have both the top and bottom fed through the hair ties, tie knots to keep it secure.

Presto! You have a beautiful pumpkin to keep in your room! Make them in all different sizes and colors! Go to the Brackety-Ack Instagram for picture directions to help you along the way! When you are done, post a picture on your Instagram story and @rcbraketyack to be reposted on our page! Make sure your account is public so we can see it! 

We can’t wait to see all the spooky variations of pumpkins you come up with! Have a safe and spooky Halloween!