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The Haunting Reality of Political Theater


Written by Devon “Your Local Pumpkin Correspondent” Mitchell

As the presidential election haunts Americans with each passing day, another spooky and tantalizing phenomenon is possessing politics. This phenomenon is none other than political theater. This term was used when Trump enlisted the help of the presidential motorcade to make a statement about his strength during his bout of COVID-19. Most recently, voters witnessed political theater during the opposing town halls held on the night a presidential election was supposed to happen.

In case you’re not up to date, a debate was supposed to take place last Thursday but was ultimately canceled when Trump refused to do it virtually. Old as a mummy, Biden, decided to host a town hall on ABC. The Great Pumpkin, Trump, could not stand this, so he decided to hold his own town hall on NBC. This, my friends, is political theater at its finest. On one side we’ve got Biden criticizing his opponent for not taking his COVID quarantine seriously and decidedly making a statement about how he cares for the voters, thus holding his own town hall. Then we’ve got Trump making a statement about how COVID will never stop him and his opponent is a little scaredy-cat. These political candidates are just continuously trying to rile up voters and taking over dramatic actions to seem superior. 

I’ll be completely honest, I said I would watch both town halls, but I didn’t. I sat down and began to, but within the first five minutes, I felt ill. Both guys were saying the same thing they always do and you could clearly tell they were catering to their audience. Plus I remembered I voted like two weeks ago.

As mind-numbing as it is, this is not the end of political theater. This is a ghost not even an exorcist can get rid of. So let’s just sit back, relax, and watch the internet do its thing in making fun of it.