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Covid-ween and the Costumes You’ll See


Written by Zach “Have you Ever Heard a Ghost Say Boo?” Dalton

What will Halloween look like this year? After months and months of social distancing and avoiding crowds the auspicious night of ghouls and goblins is almost upon the public. There have been many questions about Halloween this year and how it will work. While there is no way to truly cancel the holiday, many people will be taking proper precautions to avoid the coronavirus as much as possible. Here are some costumes that can incorporate safety measures.

1.) Among Us- there is no doubt that this is going to be a very popular costume this year. Many groups will be able to go out wearing different colors to represent each crewmate. There is an option to incorporate masks into this costume since they’re all in space. Just decorate the mask to match the color but remember: red is always sus.

2.) Ninjas- these characters have always been known to wear masks. This costume allows you to be a badass and cover your mouth AND nose. Plus, this makes for good group costumes, especially if you copy those of well-known ninja groups.

3.) Doctors and Nurses- why not pay homage to all the medical workers who have worked tirelessly during this pandemic and dress up as them. This is another great group costume, especially if you dress up as those from Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, or any other medical show. Plus, these workers definitely wear masks.

4.) Any Type of Mask- most Halloween stores have a section that is full of masks to wear. These costumes act as a two-for-one. You get a mask to cover your face and an easy way to finish your costume.

There are plenty of other costumes to wear for Covid-ween, but the crucial part is your mask. Most of these masks can be customized to match any costume. If you plan to go out on Halloween please follow the proper guidelines and be smart. Happy Halloween, Maroons!