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What’s the Deal with Trick or Treating?


Written by Zach “o’ Lantern” Dalton

A year ago, I wrote an article about a junior disappointed in not being able to trick or treat past the age of twelve, and I am still not over it. I’m here today to ask: “what’s the deal with trick or treating?” 

The activity and idea of trick or treating came around in the early 1930s and has undergone many changes over the years. How or why it became popularized varies from source to source, but in my eye, something is exciting and fun about it. As kids, we are taught to avoid strangers, be polite to everyone, and “you get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit.” Except for one night of the year. October 31st is the only day kids go door to door demanding candy from strangers or else they will play nasty tricks on them without getting in trouble.

At some point though, the fun stops… I suppose the cute, little kid dressed up in a homemade Power Rangers costume saying, “Twick or Tweat,” looks better than the college student wearing a black jacket and a Jason mask saying, “Candy now please.” However, we deserve a chance to burn off some steam and walk around to enjoy the sights and sound of spooky season. Moreover, college students would welcome the break from classes and a chance to dress up with their friends to get free candy because who doesn’t love free stuff? There should be a push to make it acceptable for college students to come out later at night. Then they can go trick or treating and just get a break from their hectic schedules. Besides, people always overbuy candy and will gladly be willing to get rid of it. So, I ask for anyone who tries to go out and trick or treat this Halloween, let me know how it goes. Happy Halloween, Maroons!