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Folk of ‘Noke: Christian Sanchez De La Cruz


Written by Brice Hall

For the first issue of October we here at the Folks at Noke decided to interview someone with a big heart and a bigger smile in order to dispel and spooky vibes. The man with the big heart and smile is no other than Christian Sanchez De La Cruz. Christian is a senior Maroon here at Roanoke College, and he is well known across campus due to his heavy involvement with a wide variety of student organizations. He is a Health and Human Performance Major who hails from Harrisonburg.

Christian is a Brother of Pi Lambda Phi who is also involved with Res Life, Black Student Alliance and Intermural Sports. He has been an RA for a number of years and is currently the King of Crawford. When asked if he’d like to shout any on campus groups or any other individuals out he responded with “I wanna shoutout the boys of Pi Lambda Phi for looking out for me and allowing me the chance to be apart of this wonderful organization and my parents for supporting me and helping me get through school.” Christian currently serves on the Executive Board of Pi Lambda Phi as the Keeper of the Exchequer(Treasurer).

When asked if he had any words of wisdom for the freshman Christian said “Get involved with as much as you can because you get to meet so many new people and try things that you might not have done before!” This advice to get involved on campus has been repeated by see real high profile Maroons when they were asked this same question,so go out and get involved. This advice applies to anyone, not just Freshmen. Anyone can find a new passion.

When asked who his favorite professor was Christian wastes no time responding with “My favorite professor has to be Dr. Artese because of her attitude towards teaching and her personality which are both great!”

When we here at Folks at Noke asked Mr.Sanchez De La Cruz about why he decides to choose Roanoke College for Undergrad here is what he had to say,” I chose Roanoke, because I saw myself fitting in better with the smaller class sizes as well as the smaller campus size. It is also extremely beautiful on campus and you can’t get better views then when you’re surrounded by mountains!”

All good things must come to an end and Christian will graduate from Roanoke at the end of the upcoming spring semester. We wish him good luck in all of his future endeavors, but with his track record of hard work and positivity we aren’t too sure he will actually need any luck!