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Not So Great Debates


Written by Joyelle Ronan

2020 has been a disaster of a year, and the first president debate was no exception. Both candidates acted less than presidential, and it was a pretty embarrassing moment for our country. Twitter user @joshgondelman might have said it best with “This debate might wind up as the worst two hours of anything that’s ever been on television.”

More recently was the vice presidential debate, which, although less of a disaster, still had its moments of cringe.

We asked Maroons on Instagram for their take on the VP debate and got a variety of responses.

“So far better, less interruptions.”

“Pence deflected/lied. Harris was more honest, still deflected but showed her knowledge.”

“Pence absolutely crushed it and floored Kamala with cold hard facts.”

“[I] liked that more policy was discussed. [I] didn’t like the lies and misrepresentation from the Veep.”

Twitter also had a lot to say about the debate. From the fly on Mike Pence’s head to Kamala Harris’s Jim-esque facial expressions, there were memes-a-plenty.

Former Vice President Joe Biden himself tweeted “Pitch in $5 to help this campaign fly,” featuring a picture of Biden holding a fly swatter.

Twitter user @Michelleruiz had this to say about Harris’s side-eye looks: “Kamala’s facial expressions are awakening my dead soul.”

It’s still unclear of the future of debates given the current state of the Trump Administration (please, wear a mask). Honestly, it might be for the best.  These debates feel more like a Saturday Night Live skit than anything that will help undecided voters pick a candidate.