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Which Fall Date Are You And Your Boo?


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

Cuffing season is here y’all! Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this may have snuck up on many people, but despite social distancing and wearing a mask, it’s still here. We need to be a little bit more creative this year when it comes to going on dates and spending time with your new (or old) cuff, so complete this quiz to find out which unique fall date is perfect for you and your cuff. 

How would your friends describe you? 

  1. Outgoing
  2. High maintenance
  3. Sporty
  4. Quiet

What is your favorite fall article of clothing?

  1. Your favorite pair of boots
  2. Whatever is in style
  3. A cozy sweatshirt or oversized sweater
  4. A classic flannel paired with your favorite tee

What’s the secret to a healthy and happy relationship?

  1. Staying loyal 
  2. Going on date night once a week
  3. Being honest with one another and trusting each other
  4. Feeling comfortable around the other to talk about anything and everything

What is a hobby of yours?

  1. Cooking (or eating)
  2. Always doing something new
  3. Something active
  4. Reading

How did you and your partner meet?

  1. Met a trendy new bar, restaurant, or party
  2. We matched on Tinder
  3. Started out as friends
  4. Through mutual friends 

If your boo isn’t answering your texts, what do you immediately think?

  1. They are just busy- nbd
  2. They are with someone else and you text all of your friends
  3. They are just hanging with their friends  
  4. They got caught up studying

What’s the best gift you could receive from your partner?

  1. A date night to your favorite restaurant
  2. Something you picked out
  3. Tickets to the big game
  4. A framed photo of the two of you

How would you describe your partner?

  1. Adventurous
  2. Easy going
  3. Athletic
  4. Thoughtful

Which of these would be the worst thing that could happen on a date?

  1. There is a long, awkward silence
  2. You run into your ex
  3. You or your partner breaks a bone
  4. The two of you have very surface level conversations

How do you prefer quality time with your partner?

  1. I prefer to get out and try something new
  2. I prefer to get dressed up and take the perfect pics for Insta
  3. I prefer doing something we both enjoy 
  4. I prefer a more quieter time without phones or distractions


If you picked mostly A’s… You and your partner always look for a hip new restaurant to try or take turns cooking for each other. Check out these dates to keep your ______: pick and bake fall fruit (roast pumpkin seeds, bake a pie, make caramel apples), go on a picnic, find an Oktoberfest festival (or create your own Oktoberfest by making soft pretzels and purchasing some German beverages), try a new brewery (if you’re 21) or cidery. 

If you picked mostly B’s… You are all about getting dressed up and taking pics for the ‘gram, and luckily your partner is happy to go along with it to make sure you are happy. These dates are totally picture worthy: carve pumpkins, get spooked at a haunted house or lost in a corn maze, go shopping for your couple’s costume, or watch a scary movie outside under the stars and a blanket.

If you picked mostly C’s… You and your partner are low maintenance and love to be active. These dates are perfect for a low-key fall afternoon: hike your favorite trail as the leaves change colors, go on a bike ride, spend your Sundays on the couch watching football, or host a tailgate in your backyard. 

If you picked mostly D’s… You and your partner like to keep things simple. As long as you’re spending time together, that’s the only thing that matters. The two of you can head to your local coffee shop for some PSLs, go on a bookshop date, take a roadtrip or stroll in the park  to see the fall foliage, or stay warm under the blankets and watch your favorite Halloween movies.

Just make sure you have your mask handy if you are out and about and social distance from others when possible!