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Five Etsy Shops for College Students


Written by Zoe Manoukian

Etsy has significantly grown in success over the last few years and continues to thrive through skillful marketing and networking. The e-commerce website sells mostly handmade and vintage items, and perusing the site feels akin to walking the stalls of a craft fair. Etsy is the perfect site for students looking for unique and affordable ways to stylize their wardrobes, living spaces, and everyday lives. Check out these five Etsy shops that offer amusing goods for under $20.


(2021 Cats in Art Wall Calendar for $23.99)

For all things cats, check out Niaski’s Etsy shop! Niaski specializes in pins and illustrations that merge cats with art. Treat yourself to a Keith Hairball pin or an illustrated copy of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Cat.


Homestead Engraving

(Custom Beer Glass for $11.99)

Get your name engraved on a water bottle, tumbler, beer glass and more! Homestead Engraving is a Minnesota based shop run by a “husband, wife, 4 kids, a couple dogs and too many chickens to count” according to their shop page.


Fenna and Fei

(30mm Hoops in Rainbow Tortoise| Acetate Tortoise Shell Multi-Colored Resin Hoop Earrings for $15.30)

The ever-popular tortoise shell is not lost on Fenna and Fei. Take a gander at this site if you are looking for an adorable pair of hoops or a stylish hair clip.


Ivy Mane

(Concrete Plant Pot for $17.99)

Are you looking for a fun plant holder? Ivy Mane sells a multitude of minimalistic concrete pots ranging from quirky to elegant.


ZanZan Tea

Try your hand at Boba! ZanZanTea offers various bubble tea kits and cupholders.