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The Final Move-In Decision


Written by Chamberlain Zulauf

After much suspense and speculation, the final plan for how the semester will continue was announced this past Friday. The decision allows students to choose if they will remain online or move back to campus. This final plan comes after two weeks of push backs for move in groups. After meeting with and hearing the voice of many Roanoke students this was a satisfying course of action that allows each student to do what they feel most comfortable with. 

Classes are to be held online, unless a teacher wants to hold a hybrid class, for the remainder of the semester. Sports have taken a toll with their competition season being canceled, but some are still able to practice at the least. Any students wanting to return to campus would do so on the weekend of the 11th

This is good news for students who have been struggling to get into a schedule at home. Campus without parties is all the better for an environment to focus on classes. Big factors to come back also include Commons to-go boxes and the beautiful Roanoke scenery. Everybody has a different situation, which Roanoke administrators know, and it would also be just as possible to stay or return home to finish out the semester. 

Life on campus won’t be the same for those who return, but following coronavirus safety rules is the price to pay to return to campus. In fact, Roanoke has taken many measures to reduce the spread of the virus on campus to protect the safety of students who want to return. 

The email also has points of advice and encouragement for students who have been stressed out over the effects of the pandemic. President Maxey calls on students to act responsibly with themselves and others.  

It may not be a totally perfect year, especially for seniors, but having the choice means a lot to students who have only been getting bad news for months.