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“I do!” Niecy Nash’s Wedding Bash


Written by Joseph Carrick

Niecy Nash shocked her fans and Hollywood alike recently with her surprise wedding to singer Jessica Betts. Her #LoveWins themed announcement took the internet by storm because their relationship had remained only platonic on social media. The ceremony was also a coming out party for Nash, who had not officially come out as queer until her marriage.

Her recent divorce from Jay Tucker (married in 2011) was officiated earlier this year. With the relatively secretive nature of the ceremony, only a handful of guests were invited. Nash, known for her elegant taste in fashion, wore a strapless white gown that Instagram and Twitter adored, and her wife wore a white suit, fitting her more masculine fashion tastes. The outdoor wedding by the rose bushes and trees gave the ceremony a truly magical feeling, something that social media was quick to pick up on. Despite how down 2020 has been for many, Nash managed to provide her followers with a glimmer of sunshine in an otherwise dim year.

Nash’s roles in “Claws,” “Scream Queens,” “Selma,” and “Reno 911” secured her reputation as a talented actress and comedian, earning her a star on the coveted Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2018 as well as a nomination for a Primetime Emmy. Betts is a singer and musician. She worked with artists on international tours and won a reality competition called “The Road to Stardom with Missy Elliott.” Nash has three children from her first marriage who remain relatively out of the public eye.