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Episode 2: Lessons from The Bachelor – From a Major Fangirl


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

As we know, I’m a big Bachelor franchise fan. I feel like that has been said on repeat here in the Brackety-Ack from articles written by me, but it is what it is. That being said, not having a new season of The Bachelorette to look forward to this summer definitely put a damper on my Monday nights, but ABC revived them by airing The Bachelor’s Greatest of All Time. Every Monday, they aired a different season voted to be one of Bachelor Nation’s favorites, and by rewatching these in a condensed fashion, I realized some things I didn’t the first go ‘round, and lucky for you, I will be sharing these discoveries right here throughout the semester! 

Up this week is Brad Womack’s season, or rather, seasons. On his second season of The Bachelor, he said goodbye to Chantel O’Brien before proposing to Emily Maynard. As Brad walked Chantel out she said, “At the end of the day, I want someone who is so crazy about me that there’s no question. I wish that person was you, but it’s not, obviously.” 

I was impressed with the amount of self-worth she showed, and I thought her saying this went underappreciated, especially when you take into account this season was filmed in 2010. A lot of times young women are looking for approval to mask their insecurities and validation to prove that if the insecurities are noticed, then they don’t change someone’s view of them. Instead, Chantel knew her worth and didn’t let the feelings of sadness due to rejection shatter her self-worth. 

When you realize your self-worth, and this applies to men just as much as women, your relationships will be so much healthier because you will be respected and treated as you deserve. Until you find that sense of self-worth, you will feel as though you are chasing a partner, and no matter how high your endurance is, you will get burnt out when the feelings are reciprocated, and you will be left feeling exhausted (emotionally) and take the rejection more personally. 

Lesson of the episode is: know your self-worth, and stay firm in that. Don’t let anyone or anything lessen that, and who knows, maybe one day we all end up like my parents, celebrating their 27th wedding anniversary today!