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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Halloween


Written by Zach “There Are Currently 104 Days Till Christmas” Dalton

 Ah, September. The air is changing, the children are back to school (some virtually this year), Green Day has gone to sleep, and Halloween decorations are out. You read that right; Halloween decorations have been out since the end of August. Most people don’t seem to have a problem with it, but I got a rather large gripe about it. Just to be clear, this is not an attack on anyone who likes the spooky season (Hocus Pocus has already been played in my home). No, this is an attack on the haters who whine and cry when holiday decorations go up in November saying “it isn’t time,” or “what about Thanksgiving,” or even, “no, Zachary you cannot buy another sweater, you already have twelve, why do you want more?” You know, those types of people.

 In the last week or so of August, I went to Target over near Valley View Mall to get some items for my apartment. While there I walked past the electronics and near the movie and book section, I saw the seasonal section being set up. I figured it would be cookout related items in anticipation of  the upcoming holiday, Labor Day. As I got closer to the section, I noticed a very odd amount of orange, black, and purple for Labor Day. Then I realized it. Target already had their Halloween items out almost two months early! I quickly sent a text to my family, who often complain about holiday decorations being out too early, and told them what I witnessed. They responded with a simple “okay…and?” 

So, here is my gripe. How is it okay for Halloween to shove its plastic pumpkins, specially themed candies, and overpriced, copyright-friendly costumes in our faces two months before the auspicious night? How many stores have followed suit? Where is the same outrage that is directed toward the holiday season? Do you just hate people being jolly? Will Thanksgiving be putting out decorations in October? 

Am I being dramatic? Sure, but in my defense so is everyone else who complains about holiday decorations being put out in November. Just because there is still a holiday coming up doesn’t mean it is overlooked by the anticipation. After all, Labor Day was still celebrated even when Halloween’s decorations were already out.