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Harris vs. Pence


Written by Devon Mitchell

On August 11th, former Vice President Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate. With just over two months left until the presidential election, voters were eager to hear from Senator Harris. Luckily, the chance arose last week during the Democratic National Convention (DNC). Voters also got to hear from current Vice President Mike Pence this week during the Republican National Convention (RNC).  

It is often expected of the VP candidate to be the one who takes on the role of “fighter”. Meaning they are the ones who hurtle slander at the opposing side. While her speech at the DNC last Wednesday wasn’t a complete Trump Dump, Harris did bring the heat criticizing Donald Trump’s leadership. Senator Harris brought up Biden’s successes as VP during the Obama administration. His work on the Affordable Care Act and the Recovery Act which helped Americans after the Great Recession were a few of the victories Harris mentioned. Bringing up the inequities brought on by systematic racism, the hardships of COVID-19, and the injustices of reproductive rights, Harris called for Americans to unite on the front of kindness and decency. The conclusion of her speech called on Americans to fight with her and Biden with courage and conviction.  

At the RNC this past Wednesday, Mike Pence briefly spoke against Biden, criticizing his attitude towards America. Pence said, “as President Trump said, ‘where Joe Biden sees American darkness, we see American greatness.” 

Mostly Biden talked of Trump’s “pro-America” stance. He spoke on Trump’s successes as President such as the number of jobs created in the first three years of the Trump administration. Pence, like Harris, referred to the protests all over the country. The Vice President explained that the violence of the riots needs to stop. Pence’s most notable moment during his speech was when he explained that American’s would not be safe in Biden’s America referencing Biden’s harder stance on cutting law enforcement budgets.  

As the nation comes up on the finish line of the election, voters will be paying far more attention to the VP candidates. Although Harris has been in the limelight when she was in the race for President herself, and Pence has been VP for the past three years, their speeches offer an interesting look into their lives, the beliefs, and their political interests. After the excitement from the RNC and DNC, voters will be interested in how the candidates build off the words of confidence in their perspective candidates. The outcome of the next two months will certainly be remembered for a long time to come.