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Drive-ins and Dine-Out: Party Alternatives


Written by Zoe Manoukian

It can be difficult to keep from succumbing to our COVID-19-induced boredoms, but it is crucial that we remain diligent and intentional in the ways we pass our time as many of us are in the process of or hoping to soon be returning to campus. Though we are likely all feeling pent-up energy of all sorts and the temptation to party is ever-lingering, we must be mindful and creative. Remember that it is completely possible to enjoy a college experience without relying on a party scene. Below find five alternatives to college parties.

1. Take advantage of our outdoors! We in Virginia are blessed with a beautiful outdoor
landscape and cool autumn weather. Consider a hike at McAfee Knob or a kayak trip at
Carvins Cove. Students may also be interested in attending the Beaver Dam Farm
Sunflower Festival throughout the month of September, or the Jeter Farm Festival for
various activities such as pumpkin picking and a corn maze. Looking to stay on campus?
Spend some time at the campus garden!

2. Keep your eyes out for drive-in theatre opportunities! Happy’s Flea Market on
Williamson Road will be hosting a pop-up drive-in movie night August 28. Only 25 miles
away is the Starlite Drive-In Theatre in Christiansburg. Students can also take advantage
of streaming services provided by the school, such as HBO Go and Kanopy.

3. Geocaching is growing in popularity as we are asked to distance more and more.
Consider taking up geocaching in the Salem area, or even organize your own scavenger
hunt around campus. Students may also be interested in organizing a “hash”, which
involves naming one person (or a “hare”) to leave a trail by which participants can
follow behind.

4. Take up a hobby to follow throughout the semester. Many people now are trying their hands at baking or playing a musical instrument. Consider trying out gardening, cooking, or even winemaking.

5. Though large parties remain ill-advised, it can still be possible to socialize safely. Try take-out from a local restaurant and enjoy a socially distant dinner party with your friends!