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To Gaston Ocampo from Dr. Rubongoya


I have a fond memory of his first day in class, fresh from Argentina wearing a heavy poncho on a warm fall day! He sat attentive in the front row and was absolutely engaged in most everything I said and to every question I raised. I subsequently appointed him my research assistant, a position he has served with distinction for two years.  In the spring of 2018, I led a student study tour to Uganda and Mr. Ocampo was one of the students on this trip who displayed curiosity and practical interest in researching the role of non-governmental organizations among democratizing states.

A brief comment about the issue of citizenship. Mr. Ocampo leaves a heavy and vivid footprint on the campus of Roanoke College. He has provided leadership as chair of the Public Affairs Society and as Vice President and Treasurer of the Honors Program of which he is a participant. He has given tours of the campus to prospective students and their parents. He has helped international students adjust to campus life and many of his peers seek his counsel.  As testimony and acknowledgement of this exemplary level of citizenship, the college nominated him to address Convocation, which is part of the opening ceremonies for the academic year. As I write this letter, Mr. Ocampo (#13660) is 3.5 hours away in Washington, D.C. concluding a Marine Corps marathon to honor and raise awareness of fallen service men and women.