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Dear Ol’ Roanoke Served You Well


Written by Zachary Dalton

The time you’ve been dreading, or anticipating, has come. After four years, give or take, of hard work, hastily written papers, meal days celebrated, and friendships made, you’ve reached the end of your college career. While this wasn’t the ending you anticipated, it is one hell of a story. The silver lining to all of this, though, is the fact that no matter where you go, you can always come back to Roanoke College, which will always be your home. This is for a multitude of reasons, but here are the best ones. 

The first reason comes from your memories here. Most of you, the Class of 2020, have spent four years here, which is not a long time, but the years became jammed with memories. Take a moment and reflect on all your favorite memories and think about other places that give you the warm, fuzzy feeling of belonging. That’s home. 

The second reason Roanoke will always be your home is because of your friendships and connections made here. It seems impossible to think that in four years one could form so many connections and different relationships, whether they’re in another class, a professor, a faculty member, or even a local bartender at Macados (you know the one). Most of these people will remain at RC for years after you leave, but if they end up leaving too, you can bet that the one place to bring you back together is here. 

The third aspect of Roanoke that makes it home is the small town feeling you get when you’re here. This ties into the first two because you only ever get rich, fond memories and strong connections in a small town. Another big benefit from a small town is its embodiment of coziness. There is something about the campus that just creates this close feeling that will never go away. 

The final reason RC will always be your home is it’s love for you. It is no secret that the college loves its students. It is almost like a parental love for a child because, even though sometimes it may not feel that way, it loves you and wants to see you become the most successful person you can be. Think back on all your classes with professors and their extra office hours used to help you study. Think of the ‘round the clock cooked meals the dining staff provides you. If you participate in athletics, think about your coaches and training staff that work hard to make you the prime athlete you’ve become. Above all, think of the other students who have helped you and encouraged you throughout all your endeavors. Of all these and more that you thought of, know that these people will always welcome you back with open arms. 

“Why?” you may ask. The answer is simple: Roanoke will always be your home.