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Kevin and Sarah’s Tributes


Congratulations, Sarah! Witnessing your positivity over the last few years at Roanoke has been a treat. Though we never got to know each other very well, I remember admiring your fun and upbeat attitude when I met you through the writing center. I was thrilled to learn that I would be writing for your Food and Wellness page even if I was writing from afar, and was always eager to hear what creative ideas you had for each issue. Your bi-weekly suggestions have led me to research some interesting topics that I otherwise might not have stumbled upon. I love the originality that you put forth in all aspects of your life. Writing for you for the Brackety-Ack has been wonderful, and I am positive that your leadership and kindness will take you far.

Congratulations, Kevin! We have never interacted in the context of the Brackety-Ack, but spending time with you through rugby and physics has always been a blast. I hope that you look back on your Roanoke experience with some fond memories, and that you bring your humor and silliness with you wherever you go in life. You’ve been a great guy to get to know, and I know you will go on to do some cool things. I hope you have many peaceful and good times in the coming years!


Zoe Manoukian

Sarah and Kevin, you will both be greatly missed by the Brackety-Ack staff! Thanks to you, Sarah, the Food and Wellness page has truly thrived this year. I’ve enjoyed reading your creative takes on food, exams, and workouts. Kevin, you’ve managed to come up with new ways to make Commons interesting, which is no easy feat. Remember that even though you guys are graduating, you will always be Maroons and BA alumni. Congratulations and well wishes for your next steps in life!


Joyelle Ronan