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G’s Farewell


Written by Garrett Ruggieri, Sports Editor

Dear Roanoke,

A greatest moment? No, plenty. A fondest memory? No, a full scrapbook. A best friend? Not one, all of them. Well, surely a favorite story? Yes, of course. Mine.

A long journey that involved me falling in love with a school that gave me everything. From Smith Mountain Lake to Roanoke, I developed a passion for learning and a niche in communication studies. From Roanoke to Boston, I gained a new perspective on life and gratitude for the people always by my side. From Boston to Roanoke, I embraced a home.

A great sense of balance was brought to my heart and mind throughout my college journey. To my friends, my family, my professors, thank you for making Roanoke a place where it is okay to make mistakes, but more importantly, thank you for upholding Roanoke as a place where it is expected of you to learn from those mistakes.

To all Maroons, find something you love. Leave your mark. Be proud. Smile.

You are really going to enjoy this while it lasts.

Luckily for me, the ink on the pages of the Brackety-Ack and the mark Roanoke has left on my heart will last forever.

May all your stories be written in Maroon…

As the former Sports Editor on page 7 of the Brackety-Ack, I confidently sign off and leave you in the talented and hardworking hands of my successor, Alexis Barton.

All the best,

Garrett Ruggieri