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Look Out, It’s Engagement and Wedding Season


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

The temperatures and rising, the sun is shining (or at least trying to), and the flowers are blooming. With that comes, not only allergy season, but wedding season. Two or three years ago this wasn’t as relevant to us, but now that we are college-aged, it is more relevant, and it can be a scary thought. For those of you with a ring on your left ring finger, congratulations!  If marriage isn’t even on the radar for you (yet), here are some ways to stay calm amongst the wedding madness.

  1. Don’t compare you or your relationship status (or non status) to others. Don’t even go down that road, and especially don’t go down that road while we are in quarantine . It is only going to add stress to you. 
  2. If you are in a relationship, don’t rush your partner down the marriage path because you see others are getting engaged and married. The timing is right for everyone at different points in life. Rushing the relationship will put added pressure on your partner and the relationship, and that never goes well. 
  3. If you are not in a relationship, keep doing your thing. Again, the timing is right for everyone at different points. Take this extra time on your hands to focus on yourself- get your priorities in check, do some crunches here and there, and drink a lot of water. 
  4. Take comfort in knowing the average age to get married in the U.S. is rising with women getting married, on average at 28 years old, and men getting married, on average, at 29 years old. 
  5. If it’s something that is causing you to lose sleep at night, find one of your trusty pals to make a marriage pact with. Make sure to shake on it or even write up an agreement if you want to ensure you’ll have a wedding date. 

The main takeaway from this is that we are at the age where more couples start getting engaged, and your calendar may start filling up with wedding dates. Remember, it’s a happy time for them, and your time will come when the time is right. Don’t lose faith in that, try not to get overwhelmed, and if you feel like crashing a wedding, take notes from Thomas Rhett.