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Ten Feel-good Shows for Easy Stress Relief


Written by Joseph Carrick

The world seems to be losing its marbles right now with the new coronavirus spreading from China all the way to our front door. However, the stress associated with the sudden change in living arrangements should not simply be repressed! Gather your friends and family together and settle in for some fun entertainment as you let your problems melt away. 

To start our list, why not travel north to our friendly Canadian neighbors? The comedy series Letterkenny is totally Canadian, from its slang to its deadpan sense of wit, but don’t think for a moment the show will be unrelatable. The writing and timing is perfection, you’ll have no trouble falling in love with Wayne, Daryl, Katy, and Squirrelly Dan. This show can be found on Hulu.

Taking it back to the States, how could this list not include It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Absurdist humor and crazy antics keep three best frenemies together, even though most of their strange schemes fail. The lessons learned are endearing, the writing is perfect, and it also has Danny DeVito. What more could we want in these pressing times? Perhaps an egg? (if you know, you know). This show can be found on Hulu.

Enough of the live action comedy – what about some classic animation? Luckily, Adventure Time is here with its tales of adventure, excitement, and weird childish sketches that still manage to appeal to adults. Let Finn and Jake take you back to a simpler time where the greatest threats were only to be found in that magical land of Ooo. This show can be found on Hulu.

To end the Hulu list I was not sure if I should recommend another classic animation like Futurama or Rick and Morty or bring it back to live action comedy with Parks and Recreation or Drunk History would be a good end for this part of the list. So, instead, why not try something entirely different? Go back in time visit the infamous Vikings in… Vikings. This series follows that famed sea-king Ragnar Lodbrok in his quest to become the most powerful man in Europe. 

Perhaps tales of Vikings is a bit too blood thirsty, and the time period is just too far removed from today to feel relatable. Why not try something closer to home? The Crown is a Netflix series that follows the Queen’s very, very long reign in the United Kingdom (et al). The show follows her personal life closely but being the figurehead of a nation means things get political quickly as cornerstone events of the 20th century slowly take place in this slow-burn romantic drama series. 

If you love medieval settings but do not care so much for the actual history of the time, try out Disenchantment! The creator of The Simpsons and Futurama is back at it again with this hilarious and heart-wrenching tale of magic, love, and a whole lot of demons.  

That might be fine with some, but others might find history themes tiresome regardless if it happened 500 years ago, 50 years ago, or 5 minutes ago. Not to worry, if you need something more timeless but still containing the romance try Big Mouth, the comedic series detailing all the horrors of puberty and the romances associated with growing up. This Netflix series has been described as offense as South Park but as tender as The Wonder Years.

If all this romance and comedy is not quite your speed, try out the classic American Horror Story series. This series frequently hosts a star-studded cast from Lady Gaga to Kathy Bates. There are 9 seasons already out each in its own unique but loosely connected world with only more to come. Try out this series of horror, dead, murder, and redemption on Netflix and Hulu.