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A Reminder About Luck


Written by Marisa Seager

Whether or not you believe in the “luck of the Irish,” St. Patrick’s Day can be a great reminder about luck itself.

Have you ever witnessed a friend of yours, or anyone around you, experience good fortune and wonder how they have gotten so lucky? Whether it’s relating to a career, love, or wealth, it actually came from somewhere.

It’s not karma or simply a coincidence – those who are lucky create their own good fortune. That’s right, you! We actually have far more control over our lives than what the typical person would think.

We, as individuals, have to work for what we want in life and cannot just expect good things to be handed to us. We cannot just wait, wishing for something to happen.

This is YOUR reminder to fight to accomplish anything that you might desire in life.


What can you do to invite luck into your life today?

  1. Expand on your definition of healthy living

Try adding something new into the mix whether it is a new fitness routine or a newfound food that is healthier than expected.

  1. Breathe in new life

When you feel that you have the spare time, go out and experience something new as you never know what possibilities could stem from it.

  1. Stop waiting

Something must have come to mind when reading this so what is stopping you?