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Disastrous Decisions from the Democrats


Written by Ethan Perritt

It’s no secret the Democratic Party doesn’t want Bernie Sanders as its candidate. There are numerous documents proving their allegiance to Clinton in 2016 and active efforts to snuff out his ability to win. Superdelegates make that easy. With that in mind, it’s not unlikely they would try it again.

But they’d have to be sneakier this time.

I first noticed this effort to subconsciously implant negative ideas about Bernie a few weeks back. A graph on CNN (in order from left to right, lowest to highest) indicated where each candidate stood in the rankings. Bernie was in first, yet oddly placed with a red arrow next to him that said “zero.” He hadn’t moved since the last poll, yet this was being telegraphed as a bad thing. In addition, it didn’t say anything about where each candidate stood, only what had changed.

This isn’t the only attempt I’ve noticed. The peddling of Pete Buttigieg is almost laughable compared to the incessant berating of Bernie Sanders. “Buttigieg Takes Iowa, Wins Fourteen Delegates,” one headline said. It’s neutral, fair, and nothing to care too much about. The article, of course, didn’t mention Bernie winning the popular vote, a talking point about Clinton for months after the 2016 general election. And then another headline: “Bernie Eeks Out Victory in New Hampshire.” Two articles from the same source CNN, America’s most popular news source, with quite different tones. One neutral, one diminutive.

Not to mention Fox News’ headline, which was borderline slanderous, read: “Socialist Wins New Hampshire.” It’s false, for one. And it only serves to drive Americans further apart when Bernie inevitably wins the primary, making the common citizen more likely to go out and vote Trump — a disastrous outcome.

If the DNC wants a shot at winning, stop shooting your own candidates in the foot. No one wants a repeat of 2016, where Trump wins and we get four more years of him.