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Mercury Retrograde + Midterms


Written by Caisi Calandra

Depending on which website you visit, Mercury will have been retrograde anywhere from Feb. 16 to the 18. Now, a lot of people are always confused by what “mercury retrograde” really means. I’m betting you’ve heard it before in TV shows and movies, said by anyone who’s “going through it.” I’ve even used it when something’s not going my way — it’s just way more dramatic to say, in response to having been handed Hell in a handbasket, “Mercury must be in retrograde.”

Mercury retrograde is actually referred to as just that because of how we perceive the planet during this period (Feb. 17 to March 10). It looks as if the planet is moving backward, but it isn’t. In the world of astrology, though, mercury in retrograde has little to do with how we physically perceive the planet.

Mercury is the ruler of the third house (communication and intellect), and its significance in astrology has a lot to do with “contracts,” relationships, and travel. Before you make any big decisions regarding relationships and travel, astrologers recommend that you remain flexible and wait until Mercury is direct again (March 10) before you make any final decisions. Thinking and communication can get disoriented, so take the time to really sort your life out (especially with midterms coming up).

Give yourself time to email your professors, badger them during their office hours now (as they might be changing), look at your schedule and double-check that you haven’t forgotten anything, and, most importantly, breathe.

Even though all the planets will be retrograde this year, Mercury retrograde will be the most frequent (unfortunately). The two other dates are June 18 to July 12, and Oct. 14 to Nov. 3.

And have safe travels on your way home for break!