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Digital Don’ts for Your Relationship


Written by Madalyn Chapman

In a world where we are all increasingly reliant on and addicted to technology, it can be hard to not to let it run our relationships.As relationships migrate onto social media, some bad habits can develop that end up being detrimental to your relationship. Here are three “digital don’ts” to help you keep your relationship at its best while also sharing all those cute moments with your friends and family.

Don’t obsess over your S.O. liking and commenting on every post you make.

Whether it’s a post about your trip to Florida over winter break or a post about your anniversary, do not obsess over exactly when your S.O. likes and comments on it! While it’s really nice to have those supportive comments, and to get the notification that they liked it, let it be a nice surprise that brightens your day. Allowing something so trivial to make you upset won’t be good for your relationship. Your S.O. is with you because they like you; you don’t need the “like” icon to tell you that.

Don’t cyber-stalk your ex.

Constantly looking at their profile and overthinking what they’re posting about is not going to make you feel better. More importantly, it is definitely not going to help the relationship that you’re in now. If you’re not in that relationship anymore, then it’s for a reason. Trust that things are turning out as they’re supposed to, and leave the past behind. If you feel like you can be friends with your ex, and you follow each other or are friends on social media, then that’s great! Just be sure that it doesn’t become toxic or a detriment to you, your mental health, and your relationship.

Don’t allow social media to consume the time you have together.

When you’re with your S.O., be fully with them. Don’t spend the entire time scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, whatever. Resist the urge to check other people’s Snapchat stories. While you may get to see each other every day when we’re all here at RC, that time is eventually going to come to an end. Make sure you don’t regret spending less time looking at your phone and more time being fully present with your S.O.

BONUS: Don’t use Snap Maps to track your S.O.

Just don’t. If you want to know where they are, ask. If you have to use Snap Maps to get the truth instead of a conversation, then you’ve got bigger problems than where your S.O. is at.