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Humans of RC: Kaillee Philleo


Written by Brice Hall

Kaillee Philleo is a junior here at Roanoke College and, she is definitely the busiest person that the Brackety-Ack has interviewed this year.

Kaillee is a double major in Psychology and Criminal Justice and is also a Track and Field star who also is part of Roanotes Co-ed Acapella. She works for Outdoor Adventure as a guide and is a proud sister of Chi Omega. She’s also a WRKE radio show co-host as well as having previously worked as an orientation leader. She is currently the National Honor Society of Leadership and Success Treasurer, as well as the Psi Chi, the psychology honor society, Vice President.

Kaillee loves mother earth and shows this through her membership in Earthbound.

Kaillee’s passion for psychology can be seen in her work as a research assistant in the Psychology Department. That’s not all folks, Kailee uses a time turner to squeeze in being a student assistant and social media coordinator for the Psychology department.

One can tell by her involvement with the Psychology department, at all levels, that Kaillee loves the human mind, but she will be able to showcase her passion at an upcoming psychology conference.

“From February 27-29 I will be at SPSP! After becoming a research assistant last spring with Dr. Osterman, I was invited to work on a poster that would present findings from a study on parasocial relationships that was completed last year. I have since been given the opportunity to go to the SPSP Conference (Society for Personality and Social Psychology) in New Orleans and present the poster next week!”

When asked about which class most enriched her worldview Kaillee responded with “Inside-out for sure. I took this class last spring in which Roanoke College students paired with inmates at the Roanoke County Jail and took a course on selected topics on issues in criminology. This was by far the most challenging but enriching course I have taken. Not only did it push me outside of my comfort zone, but it allowed me to develop many skills that have been useful for me since, and will continue to be useful into the future.”

Kaillee gives a loving shoutout to her sweet boyfriend and radio co-host, Zach Dalton! She also sends love to all her girls who make her feel like a dancing queen!

When asked what advice Kaillee would give her younger self she said, “loosen up! College is about being serious, but also having fun. You will find a balance and the stressors you’re experiencing now are nothing compared to what comes next, so enjoy yourself!”