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Written by Lexi Meadows

What are your survival tips for midterms?

John Dodd, Sophomore

Isolate yourself in a room for multiple hours late at night with multiple energy drinks with everything you need to study and no distractions is what I do to study for my midterms.

Daniel Sherwood, Sophomore 

Be sure not to cram, not lock yourself in a room for one night but do it over time, and don’t drink too many energy drinks. 

Jada Karnes, Freshman 

Make sure that you get enough sleep and look over your notes but don’t do too much so that you are getting enough rest.

Abby Frazier, Senior

Some tips that I have for surviving midterms would be definitely put in the amount of work to study, that’s something I didn’t do for the first 2 years and I wish I had put in more time studying. Also, work on your specific study tactics, individually versus what somebody might tell you to do.