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Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day No Matter Your Relationship Status


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

If you’ve made it through the holiday season with your significant other, congrats. Now you just have one more holiday to make it through before you can take a little breather and relax. Valentine’s Day is a mix of romance (what it’s supposed to actually be about), but sometimes heartbreak. It’s regarded as the most romantic time of the year, yet so many couples break up in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. The high pressure and potentially unrealistic expectations placed around this holiday, not to mention the awareness that cuffing season is slowly being replaced with spring fling season, can be too much for some couples to handle. Here’s how to celebrate the holiday in various ways based off your relationship status:

If you’re in a solidified relationship, you probably know what you and your S.O. are doing. Maybe it’s your first Valentine’s Day together, and you have planned going to dinner followed by something else special. Maybe it’s your third Valentine’s Day together, and you find the whole holiday overrated at this point and will be lucky if you get each other cards. 

When in a relationship, there are a lot of ways to celebrate the holiday, whether you want to keep it low-key or do something big. It’s your day as a couple, so let each other know that you appreciate one another and make it special however you see fit. This could include going back to your first date spot, surprising each other with their favorite candy/ice cream/coffee/or even Chick-fil-A order, or writing a thoughtful card for the other person.

If it’s a new relationship, keep whatever you do low-key and fun because that’s how your relationship is. See “Dear Kaelyn” for more tips on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with this relationship status. 


If you are freshly single, this day may be one you have been dreading since the recent break up. The heartache is still fresh, and the last thing you want to be hearing about is how all of the happy couples are celebrating Valentine’s Day. Try to remind yourself it’s just any normal Friday, and maybe let your friends know that feelings are still fresh, and you hope they have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, but you don’t want to hear all of the play-by-plays of their plans. 

There are lots of fun things to do with your “galentine’s.” You and your girls can go out for dinner or drinks, or you can all go see a cheesy rom-com that is sure to be coming out on Valentine’s Day. You can get each other chocolate and little Valentine’s cards because at the end of the day, the holiday is meant for the people you care about. 

Whatever your relationship status is, you can still enjoy the day!