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Humans of RC: Liv Sampogna


Written by Brice Hall

Liv Sampogna is a Junior here at Roanoke College. She is an academic powerhouse who’s double majoring in Environmental Studies and Creative Writing. Liv works at the Writing Centre as a Tutor, so if you need help with writing some Valentine’s Day love poems or if you want to understand something about the environment Liv would be someone good to hit up! Besides that job Liv also runs WRKE100.3, Roanoke Colleges radio program. She took over as Program Director from Elijah Wilhelm last year. Besides that role, Liv is also busy as an Assistant Editor for Concept’s Edge and she’s a reader for the Roanoke Review.

When asked about her path to Program Director, and her plans for the station, Liv has this to say. “So I originally joined WRKE because of my interest in music and wanting an outlet for it, which turned into getting hired as the music director my Sophomore year. I became, in a way, Elijah Wilhelm’s second-hand man when he held events and I tried to volunteer whenever I could, so when it came time to find his successor I was in a good position to take over. My vision for WRKS is to continue making it as campus friendly as possible. meaning, sponsoring cavern events, promoting other organizations’ events, and attracting hosts from all disciplines who can produce a wide range of shows. Also, we now have the new performance studio, so we can offer, aside from just radio shows, sound engineering training, and recording for music and podcasts.” When asked what advice she’d give her freshman self this is what this Maroon had to say. “The best advice I have, sorry if it sounds cheesy, is to focus less on where I wanted to be in the next four years and more on the next four days, or even minutes. In other words, to be patient with myself and be proud in the smaller, incremental changes I can make.” This section editor believes that that is some solid advice that’s plows for self-reflection and critical growth. When asked if she’d like to shout anyone out Liv shouted out WRKE veterans, her trusty Assistant Director Zach Dalton and her favorite Professors Dr.Wisnwfske, Dr.Almeder and Dr.Hartman.