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Charcuterie Board 101


Written by Sarah Joseph

For any of you who love The Bachelor or cheese or just looking to spice up your Valentine’s/ Galetine’s Day celebrations, the charcuterie board is right for you. 

But first, what is a charcuterie board? The etymology of the word charcuterie comes from the French language– the word “chair” which means meat and “cuit” which means cooked, according to EatCuredMeat. It is so named that because the boards typically involves cured meat (i.e. salami or prosciutto). Other foods you can add to the mix are cheese, nuts, fruit (fresh and dried), and olives.

My personal manner in creating a cheese and meat spread is to make sure I have different kinds of cheese, meats, and fruits that complement each other:

  1. A soft white cheese (i.e. brie and camembert)
  2. A jam or preserve (strawberry, apricot, fig)
  3. A hard,sharp cheese (cheddar, manchego, asiago, blue cheese)
  4. A mild cheese (gouda, gruyere, Baby Bell cheeses)
  5. Trial Mix (almonds, walnuts, pistachos, raisins, dried fruit)
  6. Fruit (sliced apples, berries [strawberries, blueberries, raspberries], grapes)

Cheese boards instantly make an event classy and fun. Hope you are not lactose intolerant! Enjoy!