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Real Life Tips from The Bachelor


Written by Kaelyn Spickler

Let’s face it: The Bachelor is an addicting show. Whether you are a long-time fan (like yours truly) or get sucked into watching the show with friends, roommates, or significant others, you get hooked. Some of you may not want to admit it, but how could you not be entirely engrossed on the drama unfolding every Monday night (and when we are lucky, Tuesday night too). As dramatic and unrealistic as it may seem, there are some lessons we can learn from what these contestants do and experience.

1) Stay away from the drama. On every season, there’s a girl who tattles on the others to get ahead in the Bachelor’s eyes, or the one who is always bickering with the other girls. Well, we are all adults now, and sure that may have been the norm in middle school, but at this point, it just causes others to roll their eyes and guys to question if they know what they are getting themselves into.

2) Being genuine takes you far. There’s always the front-runner who is vying for The Bachelor’s attention with crazy entrances and elaborate plotting, but when it comes down to the final few girls, it’s always the ones with a kind spirit, genuine smile, and who check in on him to see how he is doing.

3) Focus on you and your S.O. Some girls get all worked up in what the other girls are doing and compare themselves to the others which isn’t healthy for your mental state to do. Being in a relationship is about you and that person, not what the girl in the corner is wearing or how much time he spends with so-and-so.

4) Make a good first impression. You don’t have to pull out all the stops because those can overshadow you and all of your great qualities. A happy smile and warm greeting goes a long way. Sometimes it really is all about the simple things. 

5) Try not to let your ex overshadow your current relationship. This season of The Bachelor has focused a lot on his previous relationship and season on The Bachelorette, which makes the woman vying for his heart a little uncomfortable. Sure, it’s good to fill your current S.O. in on past relationships, but don’t dwell on them.